Best Hikes with Dogs

We can probably all agree that most dogs are not picky about what hike they go on, but here are the top three dog friendly hikes in Snowmass. So long as your dog gets to be outside and exploring with you, I have no doubt they’re loving life!

Please note: most hiking trails in Snowmass are dog-friendly with the exception of the Sky Mountain Park trails. Leashes are required on the trails at all times.

Ditch Trail

This wooded, relatively flat trail is a great way for dogs of all ages to get a nice walk in. A few bonus features your furry friend will enjoy include plenty of shade, some small streams to help stay hydrated and a slightly wider trail so they can stay by your side.

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Crater Lake Trail (Maroon Bells)

For similar reasons to the Ditch Trail, the hike to Crater Lake is a great one for friendly dogs. The trail starts and ends at alpine lakes, giving your pup a chance to hydrate, and the majority of the hike is under the shade of aspen groves. This trail is very popular, so it’s best suited for more social pooches. Bonus: Leashed dogs are allowed on the shuttle bus from Aspen Highlands to the trailhead.

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Brush Creek Trail

This paved trail stretches all the way from the Snowmass Mall to Highway 82 (and beyond, if you connect to the Rio Grande Trail) which is plenty of real estate to take your dog for a walk. If you’re not looking to get too adventurous, simply looking for a good way to get your pup some exercise, this is the perfect choice as it’s easily accessible from most parts of Snowmass Village.

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View All Dog Friendly Hikes

No matter where you are in Snowmass, dogs are mostly welcomed on the trails. However, every trail has its own rules and regulations. View the interactive map to find all dog friendly hikes in Snowmass!

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Snowmass offers some of the best hiking trails in the valley. You can expect to find spectacular views, wildflowers, rolling meadows, dense forests and a wide variety of wildlife that can be spotted from the trail.

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Snowmass Village has everything you need to gear up for your next hiking adventure. Local shops offer the latest in outdoor gear and apparel to make the most of your time outside.

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Getting to Snowmass is easy and getting to the trailhead is even easier. Snowmass Village boasts plentiful free parking at multiple locations making it hassle-free to get out of your vehicle and to the trailhead.

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