Top Kid-Friendly Hikes

Hiking is a fantastic way to explore and experience nature together as a family. Below are a few local favorites loved by everyone from the young budding adventurer to the seasoned hiker.

Nature Trail

A beautiful trail into the wilderness, the views of Mt. Daly are second to none. This trail is very easily accessible from the Snowmass Mall and leans more towards walk than hike in terms of vigor while not sacrificing that sense of adventure and natural beauty Snowmass prides itself in.

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Ditch Trail

The Ditch Trail is basically an extension of the Nature Trail but goes a bit deeper into the aspen grove forest. The trail is relatively flat, which makes it a favorite for people of all ages looking for a scenic way to get a little deeper into the aspen grove forests.

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Rim Trail South

This iconic hike is a favorite for many reasons. Among them, a very manageable uphill grade for folks of all ages looking to get a little bit more elevation out of their hike. The Rim Trail South boasts views of Snowmass Village and beyond the entire way capped off with a scenic overlook at the top with incredible 360-degree views. All of this, plus the ability to do a full hike with some elevation within 2 hours.

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Tom Blake (via Owl Creek Rd)

A relatively flat, cross-country-type trail, Tom Blake is your ideal pick for a walk through the aspen groves. While this trail crosses the Snowmass Ski Area and ultimately ends up at the Snowmass Mall, it’s quite popular to start at the trailhead on Owl Creek Road, hike as far as your group’s legs will allow, then turn back. Tip: this hike is particularly incredible in the fall when the aspen leaves are changing color.

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No matter what trail you and your family find yourselves on, hiking in Snowmass will be a cherished memory for years to come. See all of the kid friendly hikes in Snowmass.

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Snowmass offers some of the best hiking trails in the valley. You can expect to find spectacular views, wildflowers, rolling meadows, dense forests and a wide variety of wildlife that can be spotted from the trail.

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Snowmass Village has everything you need to gear up for your next hiking adventure. Local shops offer the latest in outdoor gear and apparel to make the most of your time outside.

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Getting to Snowmass is easy and getting to the trailhead is even easier. Snowmass Village boasts plentiful free parking at multiple locations making it hassle-free to get out of your vehicle and to the trailhead.

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