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Cross Mountain Trail

This trail crosses multiple ski slope meadows, forests and small streams with relatively minimal climbing.

2.59 Miles
342' Ascent
637' Descent
9,929' High
9,451' Low
Elevation View

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About Cross Mountain Trail

Cross Mountain Trail is an intermediate hiking trail connecting the Elk Camp area with West Snowmass. This trail crosses the Snowmass Ski Area through dense forests and open alpine meadows with views towards Snowmass Village.

This trail is most easily accessed by taking the gondola* up to Elk Camp.


*Requires a lift ticket


If planning on taking the gondola up to Elk Camp to get on this trail, plan on parking in theĀ Base Village parking structure. Parking is free during the summer.

Alternatively, you can park at the Upper Divide Parking Lot if planning to approach this trail via the Campground Connector trail.

Map Location of Parking Lot

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